Story's Unexpected Shining Moment is a Fanfiction by Igor and Storydere.

"We're a duet." -Igor

"This is a story? I thought it was me having sex with everyone Igor likes. 0/10 not enough sex!" -Story

"OOOOOH! Quotes are so much fun.

"Yeah but- WHAT YOU DID SAY?! [Yandere mode on]" -Igor


Storydere (Story for short) admits to dating Pippi and Clownpiece, leading to Igor being more than a little jealous. Rin is about to admit something to Igor, but then kisses him and runs away before he can respond.

Pippi and Clownpiece enter Story's room and they have sex. Rin walks in. Story asks her to have sex with him, to which she consents, telling him that she likes him more than Igor.

Rin then proceeds to beak up with Igor. He grumbles in irritation but outwardly projects an amiable response.


Story: "Man, i'm bored."

Igor: "Me Too!"

Story: "Let me fuck Pippi! She is good at sex!"

Igor: [Big Gasp] "WHAT?!?!??!"

Story: "She loves me more than you!"

[Igor sighes]

Igor: "I'm going to leave...Aleast i have my precious Clownpiece."

Story: ummm... about that I am dating Clown and Pippi and Pippi is dating Clown, yeah I'm in a love triangle!

Igor: [Gibberish Rage]

Story: "Are you ok?"

[Igor takes a deep breath]

Igor: "Yes...I'm fine..."

[Igor walks away]

Igor: "Well, That wasn't expected. I have Rin as well...Oh god, who cares? Only myself."

[Rin comes here]

Rin: "I have something to tell you!"

Igor: [blushes so hard he passes out]

Rin: [kisses Igor waking him up]

Igor: "Uh? What is it, Rin?"

Rin: Ummm... I can't! Maybe later! [Runs Away]

Igor texts RinEdit


Igor: "Whew...."

[Meanwhile, with Storydere]

[Clownpiece and Pippi enter the room.]

Story: "Hey!"

[Banging goes on]

[I then find out about Igor and Rin]

[I then ask Rin to fuck with me and she does and says "I like you more than Igor"]


[She then breaks up with Igor!:]


Igor: [Gasp]

[He walks away again]

Igor: [Whipsers to himself, so only he can hear himself. nobody else.] "Getting tired of your girlfriend-stealing crap, Storydere." [Speaks normally] "Oh Well."

Story: I'm sorry!

All of Story's girlfriends except Clownpiece: Hey! Please date me!

Igor: "OK!"


Igor then gets raped by them all.

Igor: Ooooh! I love this.

Igor then dies from drinking urine. (Don't ask how)

Story then dies of fright.

Everyone commits suicide because Story is dead. THE END!