After Sensei Kahon says Coke-girl is missing her parents think she is dead.

Chapter 1: Kei SatsukanEdit

Cop: Hello my name is Kei Satsukan. It has been 2 weeks so we think Kokona is dead. I will now question everyone.

The cop then questions multiple people including the teachers.

Kei Satsukan: Hello, Ma'am.

Satsujin no tame ni iremasu: Hello! I did not kill her! I was...

Chapter 2: FramedEdit

Satsujin no tame ni iremasu: framed! I swear!

Kei Satsukan: That blood! So it was YOU! Stop it right now!

HE then pins down Sarsujin no tame ni iremasu. He preforms an arrest.

Chapter 3: CourtEdit

In trial they find Sarsujin-chan guilty for murder, and resisting an arrest.

After trial

Senpai : How could you? You monster!

Sarsujin-chan then commits suicide in jail.

Kokona-chan and Sarsujin-chan are both pronounced dead.