Name: The YanDere Story

Part: Part 2: D...E...A...T...H


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10-12 Get a parent.

13+ Read with caution!

18+ Read!


Yandere-chan's first murder!

Yandere-Chan has targetted Koko-Kola, and lures her to the back of the school under the pretense of talking about anime. Yandere-Chan happily greets her victim, who is unaware of Yandere-Chan's true intentions. Yandere-Chan takes a panty shot of Koko-Kola and is able to trick her into thinking it wasn't one.  Koko-Kola texts her friends to tell them how nice Yandere-Chan is...immediately followed by Yandere-Chan stabbing her in the gut. The murderer then cleans up the evidence.

The weaponEdit

Yandere-chan quickly grabs a knife, while she makes sure she is alone and says "Time to strike on Koka-Kola! I will always love Mtn Dew!" As she leaves a note she says to herself "Now let me leave a note to meet her ummm... behind the school at 3:30 about anime!" When she sees the note she asks herself "What's this?" Because she loves anime she get's so happy and says, "Ooh! Anime! I'll be there mystery person!"

Are you ready for itEdit

Warning the following material contains death! You have been warned. When she reaches there she finds Yandere-Chan and greets her with a bow and "Hey, Yandere-chan!" Yandere-chan says, "Hey, you look lovely!" With a smile. She smiles back and says "Thanks!" Yandere-chan quickly takes a panty shot but she notices and says "Hey, stop that!" Yandere-chan quickly lies "I was taking a picture of your skirt not your panties! Sorry." She believes the lie and says "Oh, let me text everyone how nice you are!" Yandere-chan says "Ok." A few minutes later she says "Done!" Yandere-chan says "Perfect! Now say bye to life!" Then she stabbed her!

Cleaning upEdit

Yandere-chan says "Now time to clean up all evidence that a murder took place!" She then quickly cleans up before anyone sees.