Name: The YanDere Story

Part: Part 2: D...E...A...T...H


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Yandere-chan's first murder!

The weaponEdit

Yandere-chan: *gets knife*

Y: Time to strike on Coca-Cola! I will always love Mtn Dew!

Y: Now let me leave a note to meet her ummm... behind the school at 3:30 about anime!

Korkona: What's this? Oooh! Anime! I'll be there mystery person!

Are you ready for itEdit

Warning the following material contains death! You have been warned.

K: Hello, Yandere-Chan

Y: Hey you look lovely!

K: Thanks! :)

Y: *takes panty shot*

K: Hey stop it!

Y: I was taking a picture of your skirt, not your panties! Sorry.

K: Oh let me text everyone how nice you are!

Y: Ok!

K: Done!

Y: Perfect say bye to life *kills her*

Cleaning upEdit

Y:Time to destroy all evidence that a murder took place.

Y: *cleans up everything*