Name: The YanDere Story

Part: Part 1: Info Chan


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This is the story of how Yandere-Chan and Info-Chan met.


Yandere-chan is approached by the infamous Info-chan, a girl known across the entire school for selling panty shots of the girls.

She tries to get Yandere-chan to kill Osana Najimi, but Yandere-chan doesn't care; she just wants to get away from Info-chan before she takes a panty shot from her.

She lies to Info-chan and runs away before the other girl can do anything.

A teacher overhears Yandere-chan and expels Info-chan for taking panty shots.

Later on, Info-chan mysteriously reappears at school saying that she is no longer expelled.

Chapter 1: Who are you? Edit

While Yandere-chan is at school sitting down watching Senpai, someone says "Hello, Yandere-Chan." Yandere-chan gets confused and she replies "Hey who are you and how do you know my name?" Info-chan replies, revealing her identity "I'm nicknamed 'Info-chan'." Yandere-chan heard rumors about Info-chan, so she says "You disgusting pervert! You take panty shots of girls to send to boys!" Info-chan just replies "Correct." Yandere-chan gets shocked and she covers her panty as she says "You are disgusting." Info-chan knowing what Yandere-chan does says "And you are a stalker..." Yandere-chan gets shocked and moves her hand away from her panty and asks "How do you know?" Info-chan just says "I'm Info-chan" Yandere-chan makes a small giggle and says "Makes sense. So wh-" and Info-Chan cuts her off. Info-chan says "I want you to kill Osana! She has a crush on Senpai." Yandere-chan gets scared and says "But, I already did." Info-chan does get fooled and says "Perfect! And my name is--" But the 6:00 PM bell rings so no one hears her name.


Info-chan asks "How did you kill Osana?" Yandere-chan starts to run away saying "I did not, just tricked you! Now don't take a photo of my panty!" A teacher overhears their conversation and yells "What, panty shots?!?! Info-chan!!!!!!!" Info-chan says "I did not..." The teacher says "You are a disgusting pervert! You are expelled!"

chapter 3: UNEXPELLED!Edit

After a while Info-chan says "Guess what! I'm no longer expelled! I need you to kill Osana!" Yandere-chan agrees saying "I will." Info-chan says "Good" and smiles until Senpai says "Info-chan, who are you talking to, you want someone to kill Osana!" Info-chan gets heart broken and says "No wait! Oh yeah well..." She then killed Senpai's crush in the bathroom. THE END