Name: The YanDere Story

Part: Part 1: Info Chan


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This is the story of how Yandere-Chan and Info-Chan met.

Chapter 1: Who are you? Edit

???: Hello, Yandere-Chan

Yandere-Chan: Hey, who are you and how do you know my name?

Info-Chan: I'm nicknamed "Info-chan".

Y: You disgusting pervert! You take panty shots of girls to send to boys!

I: Correct.

Y: *Covers Panty* You are disgusting

I: And you are a stalker...

Y: *moves hand away from panty* How do you know?

I: I'm info-chan

Y: Makes sense. So wh- *gets cut off*

I: I want you to kill Osana! She has a crush on Senpai.

Y: But, I already did.

I: Perfect!

I: And my name is *the 6:00PM bells ring in their ears so no one knows her name*


I: How did you kill Osana

Y: *runs away* I did not I just tricked you now don't take a photo of my panty!

Teacher: What panty shots?!?! Info-chan!!!!!!!

I: I did not -

T: You are a disgusting pervert! You are expelled!

chapter 3: UNEXPELLED!Edit

I: I'm no longer expelled! So kill Osana!

Y: I will.

I: Good

Senpai: INFO-CHAN, who are you talking to, you want someone to kill Osana!

I: No wait! *HEART BROKEN* Oh yeah well *kills girl in 3rd floor bathroom. That was Senpai's crush*



"Weird, but Okay. I really loved this" -Igor the Mii