Name: The YanDere Story

Part: Part 0: Prologue


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Chapter 1: Yandere-chan Before Yandere!Edit

Yandere-chan is getting ready for her 3rd year of school.

The kid in Yandere-chan's dream.

She talks about the dream she had of this handsome kid. He's so dreamy! she thinks What if he's at my school! Once she gets ready she gets out her house and meets him! They bump in to each other as Senpai picks her up she blushes. "Are you OK?" Senpai asked. "My name is Aisuru Otoko." Loving man! Loving man! That's my Senpai! I hope he is nice. Suddenly a girl walks past and says "Hey! Let's hurry up and walk to school! Oh, hi my name is Fantomugāru Raburabu. Well see you at school!" They then go to school!

Author's NoteEdit

Hello, fan! Thank you for your interest in YanDereStory if you want to know more please go to Part 1: Info-Chan (Story)! Chapter 1 just gives you some back story check out the rest!Story (Msg Wall and Talk) 19:58, September 4, 2015 (UTC)

Chapter 2: Fantomugāru RaburabuEdit

Wait that Fantomugāru Raburabu girl that means Phantom Girl Love Love! That's weird. hopefully she does not have a crush on my Senpai Yandere-chan thinks. Later during lunch she hears Senpai say "I wish I could marry Fantomugāru Raburabu! She is so pretty!" This can't be! What will I do then suddenly...

Author's NoteEdit

Hey it's me again! :) Now let me say this is right before Part 1: Info-Chan (Story)! Like the instant before so make sure you read that! ;) Anyways continue reading my friend, continue reading! Story (Msg Wall and Talk) 03:10, September 5, 2015 (UTC)

Continuing Chapter 2Edit

Yandere-chan secretly smiles after Fantomugāru Raburabu is dead! But starts to cry bitterly and runs home when she see's what happened to Senpai! Poor Senpai

That was Senpai!


Chapter 3: Going to schoolEdit

"Well now I need to go to school." Yandere-chan says. At least I will be with Senpai.


The headmaster starts saying names and teachers.



Kaho Kanon


Rino Fuka...